7 Easy Steps
Towards Your New Space

Step 1.  Fill out our form

Let us know all the details about what you want for your new bath.

Step 2.  Phone Consultation

Almost immediately, we will contact you and chat with you about your goals and desires for your new space.

Step 3.  On-Site Consultation

This is a free service to you.  We come to your home and review and inspect the project’s site. Here is where we will help you visualize your new space and what the end results will be!

Step 4.  Signing the Agreement

The “fun” technical stuff is discussed in this phase. Budget, timelines, materials and the plans for the whole project are also reviewed. While we are on the same page, together we will go over the service agreement to make sure you have all the information you need and that you are comfortable with every detail. 

Step 5. Our Team Starts

We get to WORK!
Before you know it your bath will be improved, and you can get back to enjoying your daily routines relaxed. 

Step 6. How’d we do?

We do a final walkthrough with you to make sure nothing was missed, and that everything is to your liking. 

Step 7.  ENJOY! 

What more can we say? Relax and enjoy! You deserve it.